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Unlike some newsletters that are only valuable to the sender, the Photofab newsletters are packed with an array of manufacturing related news, vital for any engineer who designs or makes sheet metal components. We have a track record of tackling technical subjects and offering practical actionable advice. We also demonstrate how engineers can increase productivity and save time.

Guest contributors

From time to time Photofab include valuable content written exclusively for our subscribers by trusted third party partner organisations. Typically these have included complementary engineering service providers or research establishments that we partner with from time to time. Our readers have told us that by mixing our own content with the content provided by these third parties, the value of our newsletter is even higher. Don’t worry though, as mentioned below, your personal details are kept safely with us.

Not junk mail

Ever signed up to a “newsletter” but found it somewhat thin on actual real news? Yes, we have too. That is why we pledge not to simply send you promotional emails that don’t add any value to you. The Photofab newsletters have valuable primary content, not secondhand material copied and pasted from elsewhere on the internet.

We won’t bombard your inbox!

Photofab understands that not only do you want to receive unique valuable content, your time is valuable and that over zealous email “campaigns” laying siege to your inbox can be very annoying. For that reason we promise that we will not email you more than once per calendar month.

We will respect your privacy

We will ensure any personal information we hold about you is fair, accurate and kept securely. We promise we will not pass your personal details to a third party; this includes third parties that contribute to our newsletter. In addition, whilst we would hate to see you go, if you decide that you no longer wish to receive our emails, you can unsubscribe at any time. You can be assured our email newsletter software will not let us email you once you have unsubscribed.

If you enjoy reading small print, you may wish to read the details of our privacy policy here! Alternatively, now that you know our newsletters are a valuable resource, you can sign up using the button below.


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